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A Decentralized Platform Promoting Fair-Play at Pitcher Perfect



A Decentralized Platform Promoting Fair-Play at Pitcher Perfect

The month of June experienced numerous events in Hong Kong. From the famous Dragon Boat festival to other events such as Swiss Innovation Night, the city was vibrant throughout the month. Amidst these events and the protests which got millions of people on the streets, Pitcher Perfect successfully hosted its third edition despite the challenges and chaos.

The event hosted numerous projects that pitched in front of an expert jury panel and the other attendees. Out of the many innovative projects, YOUnited was one such project that attended the event with its concept of fair-play. YOUnited is a community-driven platform that uses the disruptive blockchain technology to provide players a chance to play truly fair games without the house mentality. Players get a fair chance to play against other players with the UNTD blockchain technology facilitating an auditable algorithm that is provably fair and ensures secure transactions with an ease of use. 100% winnings are distributed amongst the winners. The platform is built to bring about a revolution in the online betting and gaming industry.

“Pitcher Perfect once again was able to achieve its mission providing open opportunities for Enterprises and Startups. Our team created a great networking space and we are looking forward to hosting such talent again at the next event.” – The Team Head at UCIM.

Ms. Michaela Bolerazsky,the CEO and founder of YOUnited, confidently presented her remarkable concept in front of the jury panel and the audience. She was the epitome of women power at the pitching session being the only female to have pitched a project. When asked about the experience, she replied, “This is the place to be if you want to meet influential leaders, digital innovators, startups and entrepreneurs from diverse industries, and investors. Pitcher Perfect is the best platform to connect with the blockchain ecosystem.

Apart from the pitches and private meetings with investors, the event also held a panel discussion on the topic ‘New Investments flowing into the markets of crypto and blockchain’. The 4 panelists Samson Lee, Bowie Lau, Kristi Swartz, and Galen Law-Kun discussed their perspectives and opinions on the topic, which was moderated by Anil Kudalkar.

Giving an opportunity to talent and innovation from across the globe, to fulfill their investment needs and build connections on a common platform, the event seems to have achieved its mission once again. Bridging the gap between the startups and investors and concurrently building a strong ecosystem is the ultimate goal of Pitcher Perfect and the team hopes that they were able to justify their efforts in connecting YOUnited with the community.

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