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Naveen, Global Alliances Head at Unoversity, interacts with Koinalert



Naveen, Global Alliances Head at Unoversity, interacts with Koinalert
Source: Koinalert

Unoversity is a blockchain knowledge base where you can learn blockchain courses from experts. Popular courses at Unoversity are Introduction to Blockchain, Bitcoin Basics, Crypto Assets Basics, Crypto Culture and a lot more.

Today we are lucky enough to welcome Naveen the Global Alliances Head at Unoversity. Included below are some Q&A’s from that conversation.

Ashish: As per my knowledge, Unoversity is Blockchain Knowledge Base. Tell me something more about Unoversity.

Naveen: Unoversity is the Blockchain Knowledge-based platform that the world wants. The primary focus is to educate people on Blockchain. We offer multitudes of resources like courses, news, blogs, career options, cryptocurrency price trends etc. We are partnering with colleges and Universities to add blockchain into their curriculum. We also train college faculties on this tech and help students in their job search.

Ashish: As you know blockchain is totally a new revolution and there is a lack of awareness among many people, how Unoversity is going to fulfill it?

Naveen: Unoversity’s main focus is on educating students and tech enthusiasts on Blockchain Technology. We aim to deliver all resources related to blockchain in a single platform.

Ashish: In the recent years, a lot of cryptocurrencies related scams happened and many of them due to lack of knowledge. Share your opinion on this and how one can prevent it?

Naveen: I think one of the ways to reduce scams is to educate people on this technology. Unoversity offers information on the latest projects in the Blockchain world. We are working towards educating people in this technology and help them in differentiating between right and wrong.

Ashish: Please share your journey so far and the way forward.

Naveen: Unoversity, is an initiative from Unocoin. Unocoin is one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in India. We introduced some unique features such as the Systematic Buying Plan, Merchant POS, Autosell, Recharge options etc. Following our uniqueness, Unoversity will continue to focus its purpose of educating users in this technology. We are witnessing a rapid growth response among students and technology enthusiasts.

Ashish: Thank you for joining me today.

Naveen: Thanks a lot for having me.

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