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ALLIVE a smart healthcare ecosystem partners with Ontology [ONT]



ALLIVE a smart healthcare ecosystem partners with Ontology [ONT]
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Here comes another big headline in the crypto space. The latest post of Ontology has revealed that the platform will cooperate with the healthcare public chain, ALLIVE with an intention to formulate smart healthcare ecosystem. ALLIVE is the healthcare ecosystem based on the blockchain technologies.

It is said that both Ontology and ALLIVE is intending to create a decentralized healthcare ecosystem along with the smart and advanced blockchains network leading to the creation of a highly qualified tech. In addition, the partnership will enable to work on the proper mechanism of the dapps developed by the upgraded technology of blockchain.

The role of health plays a significant role in an individual’s life. Looking at the present condition it can be asserted that the health sector is deteriorating gradually may be because of the mismatches or insufficient resources, however, data islands cannot be ignored.

If we pinpoint the individual’s medical report then it can be said that the medical institutions are there to look after them but when we talk about the larger group or the centralized department of health data it doesn’t have the power to tackle the health issues on the required level of individuals.

Moreover, in some countries the scene is totally different, patients are flooded in the recognized hospital because of the over-concentrated medical facilities and resources whereas the other medical institutions have the limited patients as well as resources. Now here comes the problem, this will absolutely create a hierarchy in the system of diagnosing and treatment.

This clearly signifies that if we look at the general level of a medical report it will depict that the health is improving widely but the main problem lies in the efficient link of the medical institutions resulting in the mismanagement of the resources that need to be cured.

In the context of the above-mentioned issues, ALLIVE and Ontology partnership can mark their presence with their technologies. As ALLIVE is able to provide sufficient medical services with ease and reliable technologies. On the other hand, Ontology has the multi-chain technology.

The point to be noted is that ALLIVE makes individuals account for the health data on the blockchain with the help of its three modules namely OLIFE, OLIVIA, and OLEAF.

This will probably help the individual to manage their health issues by controlling their personal accounts that can be guided by the artificial doctors. The digital system will enable the medical objects, resources, and asset to interlink with the medical institutions.

The CEO of ALLIVE, LIU Qikai showed his concern for the health issues and demarcated that the expert team of ALLIVE is looking forward to providing its blockchain technologies for the health industry

As mentioned, ALLIVE, by using its technologies can formulate an immutable healthcare ecosystem, smart blockchain network and most importantly a healthy lifestyle. Let’s just hope that the collaboration of ALLIVE and Ontology will improve the overall health facility with their smart technologies.

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