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AMFEIX Fund: The Citadel of Lucrative Bitcoin Investments



Cryptocurrency traders now know where to invest their bitcoins and earn handsome rewards. The investors can invest as little as 0.02 BTC or more and see how their investments will grow in leaps and bounds. The fund, managed by AMFEIX Digital Asset Management, is completely revolutionizing bitcoin investments by trading in several pairings, such as Bitcoin (BTC)/USD, Binance Coin (BNB)/BTC, Litecoin (LTC)/BTC, Ripple (XRP)/BTC, Ethereum (ETH)/BTC , Cardano (ADA)/BTC, NEO/BTC, and Monero (XMR)/BTC

For more lucrative gains, the most preferred pairing is the BTC/USD, and it makes up 73.9% of the trading desk with ETH/BTC and XRP/BTC making up 9% each.

Confidential and Effortless Registration Process

Traders using the platform have the liberty of investing with their pseudonyms, and the firm doesn’t make the provision of personal details an essential requirement.

To invest in the AMFEIX, fund, investors need to create a wallet on the site and send their bitcoins from their personal wallet or exchange to the new wallet. After 24 hours, they will see their bitcoin holdings at AMFEIX reflected on the Funds page.

Foolproof Site

The site is secured by several measures to protect investors’ funds. Additionally, the firm also uses some steps to minimize overexposure of the investment pool from any market forces that may deplete the fund. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain; therefore, it is highly decentralised. As a result, investors’ funds are protected from any threats from outside, such as government regulators.

To protect any dormant funds in the platform, the firm uses cold storage. The storage is very efficient in thwarting any attempts by hackers who may want to steal funds over the internet. All investors have a 12-letter seed key that protects their investments from any hackers.

To limit huge losses, the firm only trades with 30-50% of the existing pool of funds. By doing so, traders are assured that the exposure, at any moment, is minimal.

Rational Profit Sharing

The firm uses a 2:8 profit sharing formula for all profits generated. As a result, AMFEIX will get 20%, while investors remain with 80%.

Gradually Compounding Capital

Any gains made from investing your funds with AMFEIX will be added to your capital if you don’t withdraw, and this will cause your capital to grow gradually.

Nil Hidden Fees

AMFEIX does not have any hidden fees; instead, the firm only charges 20 % for all profitable trades and that is the only source of money it relies on to operate.

Suitable Withdrawal Procedure

With only a click, investors can withdraw their profits from AMFEIX and, once approved, they will have all their gains safe in their wallets within 24 hours.

Money-spinning Referral Program

Investors have another revenue stream to increase their capital base through the referral program. Using the provided referral link on the website, the users can get 10% of the profits made by their referred friends, once they have opened their account and invested. invests and trades digital assets on behalf of investors because when they profit, the firm profits, too. Using careful analysis, the firm trades in the most lucrative crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs for maximum gain.

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