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Atronocom Designs A Mobile Staking Decentralized Application on a DPoS Algorithm



Atronocom Designs A Mobile Staking Decentralized Application on a DPoS Algorithm

Summary: In today’s age, more than half of the world’s population is glued to their smartphones all day and can easily access their smartphones instead of their personal computers. This era of smartphones has opened doors to new opportunities and innovation in technology including blockchain.

City, CountryAtronocom was astute in identifying this opportunity and designed a decentralized application for staking on Android and IOS. The team aims to break boundaries and realize a full decentralization to the pockets of every individual with its mobile DApp.

Atronocom is a public distributed ledger that has built a mobile DApp dedicated proof of stake with an algorithmic payout to enable mobile staking by users. Using the DPoS consensus on the platform, Atronocom connects mobiles through a common wallet with an API functionality. The Atronocom DApp also provides additional features apart from mobile staking.

A debit bank card that will be available as a virtual bank card to the members immediately upon registration. The members can also sign up for one or more physical partner cards that can be used for various functions. The bank card can be used worldwide at about 40 million contact points.

Mobile banking to trade in cryptocurrencies and OTC trading services is another feature available on the DApp. The feature enables easy implementation of day trading, margin trading or crypto mining for interested members. The mobile banking and OTC trading facilities are available in multi-currency and are not limited to just one mode of exchange. Money can be sent or received via SWIFT/SEPA with currencies exchanged at interbank rates.

A highly secure communication messenger to receive messages and files securely within the platform. The messenger includes voice messages, emojis and Gifs, voice calls video and group chat.

Atronocom is providing a state of the art light node solution to stake on smartphones from anywhere. The platform is currently accepting Euro, ETH, BTC and Ripple.

Atronocom recently attended Pitcher Perfect by UCIM at Berlin on 24 April, to share their vision and insights on their projects with industry leaders and like-minded visionaries. The event had provided them with an opportunity to network, connect and build lasting relationships with high-impact investors and other startups.

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