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CODI Finance Announces Partnership With Chainlink And The Extension Of The Private Sale Of Its Native Token “$CODI.”



CODI Finance, a new premium DeFi ecosystem with three offerings such as IDO Launchpad Protocol, Decentralized Exchange, and NFT Marketplace, has decided to extend the private sale of its native token “$CODI” till IEO begins on the 14th of November 2021 on p2pb2b exchange because of the level of success performed through the sale which outperformed expectations.

The CODI Ecosystem aims to build a progressive sector that will afford community members new features such as operations and other integrations to help the ecosystem become a fully decentralized platform with faster and lower costs on the Solana ecosystem.

This is why CODI partnered with Chainlink to monetize data by either selling to the Chainlink Network or operating a Chainlink Node to trade directly to blockchains. Since there are numerous blockchains and more to come in the future. Integrating all of them individually is time-consuming, has a high opportunity cost and developer time also it is not future-proof.

Chainlink is very important for evolving blockchain connections and with very high convenience. This means there is no need to modify existing backend systems or business models to make themselves compatible with other blockchains.

Codi Finance IDO

CODI’s main objective is to create a fully decentralized IDO Launchpad where investors can have easy access to the market, as well as creating a platform where DeFi projects can raise funds safely and effectively with an automated reward system that provides liquidity.

The IDO is slated to begin on the 7th of November 2021 on CODI’s IDO launchpad to generate new ideas for the market to show the benefits of this DEX protocol.

CODI will be a DEX platform where users can rapidly transfer funds between wallets, exchange cryptocurrencies, stake, guarantee market liquidity, and completely manage the network’s capacities using Solana’s potential to disrupt the power structures in the crypto industry. It provides incomparable safety, lightning-fast blockchain speeds, and quite lower transaction costs, which are anticipated to guide in a new DeFi era.


CODIswap is unique from other exchanges which are either too slow or with too many gas fees. CODIswap’s main purpose is to provide stress-free transactions and maintain market liquidity.

Virtual tokens will be easily exchanged in the DEX and it will have other features such as staking which would earn rewards for users.

CODI NFT Marketplace

CODI’s NFT marketplace in the coming months will improve the security and rate of transactions for artists and collectors who trade NFT’s.

CODI’s NFT Marketplace is so unique that it would have low transaction fees and high processing time which is the opposite of the current leader of all NFT Marketplaces.

CODI strives to be the best DeFi ecosystem by exceeding standards and incorporating integrity with a new flexible approach which is why the private sale has been extended.

Details About CODI’s Private sale

Total available supply – 99,000,000 CODI tokens

Period: 28th September 2021 – 14th November 2021

Token price – 0.02 USD with a four-month vesting duration.

Token price – 0.03 USD without vesting.

If you want to participate in the private sale, please send an email to SALES@CODI.FINANCE, and the sales management team will walk you through the steps. 

CODI is one of the few fascinating projects that provide genuine public benefits in a streamlined interface, faster blockchain, and the least gas fees.

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