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eBay Soon to Accept Crypto? Latest Consensus Adverts Shows Mass Adoption to Come



eBay Soon to Accept Crypto
  • A Leaked image from the Consensus suggests that eBay will accept crypto.
  • There are chances that it will accept crypto payments.
  • This will lead to a mainstream breakthrough.

According to the photographs leaked from the Consensus Conference 2019 suggests that eBay might soon accept crypto payments. However, there is no official announcement by eBay regarding this.

If this will be true then it will open cryptocurrencies payments to about 180 million active buyers. The photographs of the adverts were first leaked by @PatronsOfTheMoon through its Telegram channel.

eBay to accept crypto payments
Images from the Telegram Channel Patrons of the Moon

How eBay will accept Cryptocurrencies?

However, there is no official statement from eBay regarding their plan to accept cryptocurrencies. If they will accept crypto in the near coming future then there are chances that it will do so by partnering with payments platform. Payments platform will accept crypto as payments and will pay eBay in fiat.

Last year UTRUST hired former eBay and PayPal executive Sanja Kon as VP of Global Partnerships. So this seems that a partnership between eBay and UTRUST might be possible soon.

Basically, UTRUSt is a cryptocurrency payment solution provider offering instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements.

According to an statement by UTRUST:

“With Sanja’s knowledge and experience in establishing key relationships for PayPal in Europe and advancing the digital-payments market, we anticipate that she will be a key driver in elevating UTRUST’s brand in the crypto-commerce space and ultimately the future of online payments industry.”

UTRUST is also participating at the Consensus 2019 conference. It’s confirmed from the official website of UTRUST. If this news will come true then it will open crypto payments to more than 180 million active buyers of eBay.

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