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Explore COSMOS with 1xBit




1xBit continues to onboard projects and develop features to create a better user experience. Based on this commitment, COSMOS is now on 1xBit, and bettors can utilize this cryptocurrency for their payments, stake, and withdrawals.

What is Cosmos?

COSMOS bills itself as a project looking to democratize the cryptocurrency industry by focusing on demystifying blockchain technology. The protocol seeks to make it convenient for blockchain networks to interact seamlessly and reduce industry fragmentation. 

This is a notable feature in crypto betting. By making cryptocurrency and blockchain less complex, COSMOS fosters a culture of seamless adoption. This would significantly impact crypto betting as it widens the rate at which people enter the sportsbook space. A protocol such as COSMOS contributes to optimizing the crypto betting experience, moving us closer to the future.

COSMOS is also developer-focused. It provides the framework to connect different blockchain layers, allowing developers to create blockchain applications. Most importantly, this protocol leverages open-source tools, making it convenient for developers to jump on the trend and create platforms for the future. 

The protocol also places a lot of power on users. For instance, users can become validators making key decisions on the platform. Other users can also earn rewards by delegating their tokens to validators. This process subtly compels validators to act in an honest fashion since users can always change their preferred validators. 

1xBit believes COSMOS shares a user-centred approach, which is similar to the sportsbook’s mission as well. 1xBit is driven by the need to always provide users with the best experience and opportunities that reward their passion and position them for the next big thing. These shared values between the two platforms make it a worthy announcement to onboard COSMOS on 1xBit.

Why 1xBit

As the fastest and leading crypto sportsbook, 1xBit is passionate about creating the future from today. The platform provides its users numerous benefits that allow them to maximize the crypto gambling space. 

You can make bets on 1xBit using any of the over 40 supported cryptocurrencies. With the latest addition of COSMOS, you can process payments and stake bets using the coin. This crypto adoption eliminates the need for fiat currency. It removes the stress of first converting your cryptocurrency to fiat before depositing on a sportsbook to bet on your favorite games. 

Instead, you can utilize these currencies directly, allowing you to maximize their value without losing any of it to conversion fees. Even more, 1xBit is constantly looking for relevant partnerships and new coins to add. 

You also enjoy instant payouts with zero fees. This allows you to win without losing a good part of it to the platform’s fee structure. Users also enjoy complete anonymity, making it easy to stake bets without revealing your identity. 

Additionally, 1xBit offers users welcome bonuses of up to 7 BTC following your first 4 deposits. If you receive this or a share of it, it gives you the required jumpstart to experience the platform and play your favorite games. Furthermore, there’s access to numerous tournaments and reward programs designed to reward active participants with prizes for a good number of players. Lastly, getting started takes under 2 minutes. 

Final Thoughts

The future of crypto betting starts with active participants. Join the experience by trying COSMOS on 1xBit today. You’re still early!

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