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Here is What the Crypto Crowd Needs to look out for this April



Here is What the Crypto Crowd Needs to look out for this April

Blockchain is the reality of a new decentralizing world. With no field of order and operation standing untouched of this robust technology, the hype growing around this term and its utility are only obvious. Cycles of discussions, talks, events, and innovations surrounding the blockchain technology have been the market’s trend off late. And of all recent events that made galloping rounds, Pitcher Perfect by UCIM, it was one that set the buzz high.

The blockchain-cryptocurrency witnessed over 12 pitches amongst a jury panel of 30+ investors and product leaders including GGV Capital, Pangea Capital, Monk Hill Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, Proterra Partners, Tech Stars, Rakuten Accelerator, Digix, and TenX among other key ecosystem stakeholders. Following a rewarding wind up of the one-day event in February, Pitcher Perfect is back again with a new chapter to its endeavors of nurturing blockchain technology and drawing up a deep imprint.

Pitcher Perfect is constantly attempting to fuel the pace of innovation and development on the crypto backdrop with its novel project. With a notion that every major change results from a progressive idea, Pitcher Perfect has garnered the perfect ramp for groundbreaking ideas to materialize into radical products of the Blockchain-Crypto sphere.

Set to launch on April 24, in the fertile fintech landscape, Berlin, The event is to witness a gathering of some of the most eminent intellectuals of the Crypto fraternity and a sea of high impact Blockchain projects being pitched before them.

Investment is imperative to innovation as much as an appealing idea is to the investor. Pitcher Perfect attempts to bring these two interdependent entities closer and establish a network that would form the links of a decentralized tomorrow. The event has made apt arrangements for the ‘cryptoverse’ to meet, interact, bond over food and toast for lasting relationships.

The event is expected to accommodate some noted Crypto and Blockchain investors, global media members, founders, analysts, startups, entrepreneurs, ICOs and more. Pitching of projects before a group of high impact investors followed by roundtable discussions ending with a sumptuous meal will mark the flow of the event.

As startups and investors shake hands on building competent models to sustain in the ever-changing industry, foundations for disruptive prospects will be laid and the technological revolution facing the world will assume much value and strength. All this with the right projects collaborating with the right backers.

The drawn-out gaps between dreams and the reality will be bridged at Pitcher Perfect – Pitches will be laid, an impact will be reasserted and the essence of Blockchain technology will be celebrated by the cryptoverse throughout. It all starts with a simple pitch. And as the event’s tagline says, “Because the best pitches are created over pitchers!”

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