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Kepler Technologies Launches LUKRUM Portfolio Tracker Application with Advanced Tools for Streamlined Crypto Asset Management



Kepler Technologies Launches LUKRUM Portfolio Tracker Application

Kepler Technologies has just introduced LUKRUM, a crypto portfolio tracker app designed to help users with valuable insights on the most profitable trading strategies. This free, secure and user-centric application comes with numerous attractive features including access to real-time prices, the latest market charts, advanced crypto portfolio analytics, auto-syncing with all exchange accounts and blockchain wallets, and much more.

December 18, 2018

Kepler Technologies is pleased to announce that their new Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) assets tracker app LUKRUM is now available for iOS users and will soon be available for Android. This state of the art portfolio tracker is easy to use, and intends to help users auto-sync with all balances so that they can keep a track of all their blockchain assets regardless of how they are stored. It also helps users make the correct trading decisions by providing them access to the latest market charts and advanced crypto portfolio analytics based on market benchmarks.

As a software product company in the blockchain space, Kepler Technologies is dedicated to developing investment, management, and trading tools for the digital assets market. LUKRUM provides valuable insights on the most profitable strategies with a secure application for investors and traders to keep track of their investment performance. An analytical tracker tool for both beginners and advanced traders, LUKRUM’s cryptocurrency portfolio app is designed to make investment management simple.

LUKRUM’S product team has engaged its users and identified their needs in order to deliver the most comprehensive product available. For this reason, the LUKRUM app includes an extensive list of user-friendly features, such as auto-sync with exchange accounts & blockchain wallets, access to real-time prices, the latest market charts, and advanced portfolio analytics based on market benchmarks.

LUKRUM helps to identify profitable strategies with a custom portfolio simulator where DLT assets tracking is no longer limited to current assets. Instead, users can add potential investments into the custom portfolio feature and test out new prospects from over 2,000 altcoins. In addition, the app’s analytics suite lets users gauge their performance over time, against a benchmark index, or any number of other key, cross-portfolio insights, such as assets locations, highs & lows, depth charts, holdings, profits/losses, fee breakdowns, most used exchanges, and more.

“We have worked hard for months to put the best cryptocurrency tracker into your hands. We’ll keep it under our hats for the moment, but our goal to be the best cryptocurrency tracker won’t be a secret for long,” said a senior spokesperson from Kepler Technologies.

“Digital asset investing is constantly evolving, and we will continue to add more capacity for handling blockchain and cryptocurrency digital assets to meet the requirements of a changing market.”

What is LUKRUM?

LUKRUM is a portfolio management service for blockchain assets developed  Technologies GmbH, a privately held software company registered in Steinhausen, Switzerland. The app is available for iOS via link and will soon be available for Android (2019 Q1). This is a portfolio management application where users can connect cryptocurrency exchange account and wallet data to track balances via a market analytics suite. The application has been developed by KeplerTechnologies.

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