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MinerGate is now an EOS block producer candidate



MinerGate is now an EOS block producer candidate

MinerGate , a mining pool with over 3,500,000 registered users is now running for an EOS block producer. The mining pool offers a strong expertise in building sustainable server solutions. It also can provide the EOS community with a thoughtful decision making and responsible attitude towards the project and the whole cryptocurrency industry.

EOS.IO is an innovative project that provides the eponymous OS-like solution that acts as a decentralized platform for a decentralized applications’ creation. EOS platform is powered by the EOS token – one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in blockchain history.

In the decision’s announcement the MinerGate team explained that the EOS project has a long-time support of the mining pool. “We believe EOS will take efficiency to the next level, and, in doing so, provide a level of scalability unheard of before,” – says the announcement – “EOS got our attention with its democratic framework replete with a DPoS consensus algorithm, voting system, and high level of community autonomy. And when we saw the roadmap laid out for these ideas to flourish in, EOS got our trust”.

The MinerGate mining pool has been under constant development since 2013. During a long time in the cryptocurrency industry, the project managed to build a wide community of users that are actively using the pool’s services. Due to this fact, the project can provide EOS with a lot of positive experience in the development of high-load server solutions.

Another strong side of the MinerGate pool is its hard focus on the security and privacy of the provided services. For the purpose of maintaining these characteristics, the development team of the pool built a number of complex solutions that could be implemented in the EOS network or used as a starting point for the development of new security technologies.

MinerGate has always been an up-to-date mining pool. It is an active provider of new products and is fast to implement recent technologies. During the time of operating, MinerGate produced some of the best mining solutions in the field including, for example, MinerGate xFast Miner.

Combined with a sincere support toward the EOS community, all the mentioned features make the MinerGate pool one of the most suitable candidates for EOS block producer.

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