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ONTology selects 4Stop to implement KYC on its platform



ONTology selects 4Stop to implement KYC on its platform

ONTology, the renowned public blockchain project, has selected 4Stop, a distributed trust collaboration platform, to perform identity authentication services on its platform. 4Stop will be performing the process of Know Your Client (KYC) in the ONTology ecosystem.

The announcement came the official Twitter handle of the ONTology project, and their official blog on Medium. Furthermore, with this collaboration, they aim to provide better digital identity and authentication services to improve upon ONTology’s current platform.

More about the Collaboration

Ingo Ernst, the Chief Executive Officer of 4Stop, stated this on the partnership.

With the ever-evolving adoption of blockchain technology, we are very excited to be part of Ontology’s innovative blockchain project.  This is by providing them with further KYC services to verify and authenticate personal data across the globe. Furthermore, Creating a mainstream, standardized, and easily accessible compliant and trusted infrastructure is something we are both passionate about, and we look forward to Ontology’s future developments“.

ONTology will provide its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to 4Stop to complete the process. ONTology keeps the global records of a unique identity, from multiple sources, to further strengthen identity and authentication.

Furthermore, with this ONTology wants to create an identity portrait of people, assets, objects, and affairs, from multiple sources. This will help them empower the trust between collaborators and provide more pragmatic solutions. 4Stop will help ONTology provide services for validations, verification, and authentication.

About 4Stop

Founded in 2016, 4Stop is a global compliance and risk management platform, based in Germany. Furthermore, it singly integrates over 1800 active global data sources, to empower its real-time fraud detection technology.

It is a leader in providing businesses with anti-fraud technology, with its all-in-one KYC solution. Furthermore, this helps 4Stop create a platform that predicts risk and fraud. Also, it helps businesses to make a robust decision, supported by ample data.


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