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Oraichain & Ocean Protocol Partners to Expand AI-Powered Ecosystem Offerings



Oraichain & Ocean Protocol Partners to Expand AI-Powered Ecosystem Offerings

The world’s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains, Oraichain today announces its partnerships with Ocean Protocol. Both these companies have partnered to integrate key products, data, and services.

Oraichain is developing an AI Marketplace which will be the one-stop-shop for AI services, featuring an AI Request Hub.

According to the official press release, “Oraichain will publish and monetize data from Oraichain’s AI services such as AI APIs and AI-generated data via the Ocean Market.”

“I am confident in the strong impact that the partnership between Oraichain and Ocean will have in terms of innovation in the AI and Blockchain space. Artificial Intelligence is the core of both companies, and the combined efforts, synergies and future integrations will create plenty of new opportunities” says the CEO of Oraichain, Dr. Chung Dao.

Bruce Pon, the founder of Ocean Protocol, said: “Ocean Protocol’s engagement with Oraichain promises to be a dynamic addition to our data and AI ecosystems. The presence of Oraichain data on Ocean Market diversifies our offerings while Oraichain can benefit from leveraging our Compute-to-Data feature in their Request Hub. We’re excited to further explore the potential synergies.”

Oraichain launches its Mainnet (Oraichain’s blockchain network) in February and with this partnerships, Oraichain connects with Ocean. Ocean Protocol’s mission is to kickstart a Web3 Data Economy.

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