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Top 5 functionalities of the TRADE Coin that sets it apart from other exchange tokens



Smart trade coin software is a trading ecosystem that has tried to address the fallbacks of the crypto-trading tools available currently.

The crypto-exchange ecosystem has emerged as the most innovative and sought-after trading platform in the current digital age. Millions have invested in cryptocurrency since its launch as a digital asset. All this has been possible due to the invention of smart devices that keeps people in touch with the internet 24X7. Many market-related problems like volatility, uncertainty etc. are not addressed by these crypto-trading ecosystems.

Smart Trade Coin

Smart trade coin software is a trading ecosystem that has tried to address the fallbacks of the crypto-trading tools available currently. The software has been designed to its utmost potential in bringing out the best possible investment platforms for both the traders and non-investors. The Trade Coin is the cryptocurrency that the investor can use for trading in this ecosystem and this currency is in sync with the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol.

Functionality Details

Active Investments

Active investment is an approach where transactions are carried out multiple times a day. This ensures high returns to the trader rather than smaller gains received with passive strategies. The trading with Trade Coins through the Smart trade coin software is designed to pursue an active approach to continuously expand the currency and develop the blockchain area.

The FIAT Gateway

The Smart trade coin software enables a FIAT gateway wherein the investors and traders can exchange their cryptocurrency for FIAT currencies. The automation feature of the Trade Coin software keeps the investor posted about the progress through emails.

Access to Exchanges

Becoming a part of the Smart Trade Coin community will give you access to views of your portfolio on multiple exchanges. The decentralization will further enhance the trading strategy performance for margin trading.


Having Trade Coin as its own cryptocurrency, the Smart Trade Coin community will be able to predict the market situations easily and influence the profitable transactions to generate great profits.

Proof of Concept

The trading ecosystem with Smart Trade Coins is extensively tested over the past few months. The mathematical algorithm based strategies are proven and optimized to reduce the probability in trading and margins.

Based on the roadmap and current growth progress, SMART TRADE COIN is set to achieve a market share of about 3-5% of cryptocurrency trading in the next 3 years. The token sales are expected to increase to $1 billion within the Smart trade coin community and generate sales of $320 million by the end of 2019.

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