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TRON among the first 100 crypto projects under Binance Info Gold Label Project



Today Binance launches the “Gold Label Project”. Tron has become one of the first 100 crypto projects under this Binance Info Gold Label Project. Now the TRX hodlers or users can learn more about its team members, real-time trading, distribution of tokens, TRON news, etc. on Binance Info.

Binance Info Gold Label Project

Binance Info Gold Label Project

About Binance Info Gold Label Project

Basically, the purpose of this Gold Label Project is timely updates on crypto projects and to provide accurate, trustworthy information.

The first round of invitations for 100 top crypto projects to join the Gold Label is currently live. This project is basically a significant recognition and sign of verification.

As per the Binance Medium post “We welcome more projects to join our Gold Label Project. The Gold Label is not just about honor and recognition. We hope this project can promote transparency in information, raise the industry standard for quality of information, and help the blockchain space to mature,” said Head of Binance Info Rock He. “We believe in the power of community and in the choice of users. The trustworthiness of the Gold Label comes from the users.”

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