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WazirX Lists 1INCH and Partners for a Grand Giveaway of $12,900



WazirX Lists 1INCH and Partners for a Grand Giveaway

WazirX listed 1inch Network (1INCH) on its platform on Thursday, 25th March in USDT and INR market. Users can now buy, sell and trade 1INCH in 1INCH/USDT and 1INCH/INR market.

Listing of 1INCH is not under the Rapid listing initiative where users aren’t allowed to deposit and withdraw. So, 1INCH can be deposited from another wallet to WazirX, can be withdrawn from WazirX wallet to any other wallet and can buy, sell, trade 1INCH in USDT and INR market.

WazirX listed 1INCH on its platform and also partnered for a grand 1INCH giveaway. In this giveaway, there is a chance to win $12,900 worth 1INCH.

WazirX – 1inch Network (1INCH) Giveaway

Let’s have a look at the various contests in which users can take part and win prizes.

Giveaway Schedule

  • Friday, 26th March: AMA with Sergej Kunz, Co-founder of 1inch Network and win total prizes of $150.
  • Tuesday, 30th March — Thursday, 1st April: 48-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of ₹9,46,000 ($12,400) worth 1INCH for top 200 traders.
  • Tuesday, 30th March: Quiz in official Telegram group with prizes of $300.
  • Wednesday, 31st March: Trivia contest on official WazirX Instagram page with prizes of $50.

AMA with Sergej Kunz

Participate in the live AMA with Sergej Kunz, Co-founder of 1inch Network. Here you will learn almost everything about 1INCH.

This giveaway is scheduled on Friday, 26th March, 5 PM IST and users can participate in this contest through the official WazirX Discuss telegram channel. A total of $150 worth of 1INCH will be given to the winners.

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon: 1INCH/INR

WazirX is organizing a highest trader kaun marathon from Tuesday, 30th March at 9 AM IST and will continue non-stop till Thursday, 1st April at 9 AM IST. Here users can participate at any time and can win a total of ₹9,46,000 worth 1INCH.

The prizes will be based on the total traded volume in the 48-hour long trading contest marathon. In order to qualify trader must have to trade at least a minimum volume of 15.91 1INCH.

Trader RankPrizes/person (1INCH)INR worth
4 – 10120.3837,840
11 – 1560.1918,920
16 – 2036.1111,352
21 – 2518.065,676
26 – 309.633,027
31 – 356.021,892
36 – 403.01946
41 – 2002.05644

1INCH Quiz

Show off your 1INCH knowledge and win prizes of $300 worth 1INCH. This contest is scheduled for Tuesday, 30th March, 6 PM IST at the official WazirX Discuss telegram channel.

You can refer this reading resources to stand a chance to win:-

Trivia Contest

This event is scheduled for Wednesday, 31st March, 12 PM IST on the official WazirX Instagram page. A total of 5 questions will be shared on the Instagram story, choose the correct answer and win prizes.

About 1inch Network (1INCH)

1Inch is DEX Aggregator & Liquidity Protocol an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that facilitates decentralized token swaps without the need for an order book. DEX Aggregator employs an advanced algorithm that searches over 33 liquidity protocols (as of 25 Dec 2020) to discover the most efficient swap paths so traders can receive the most efficient trade prices.

The 1INCH token is the native ERC-20 token of the 1Inch protocol. 1INCH is a governance and utility token that will be used to govern all protocols developed by 1inch (starting with and 1inch Liquidity).

The total supply of 1INCH token is 1,500,000,000 and circulating supply is 149,377,641 1INCH.

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