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Basic tips for trading crypto safely – do’s and don’ts



Basic tips for trading crypto safely
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With everything happening in the world, it’s important to stay secure in the virtual world. If you are a trader or you want to start investing, safety is a must. Everybody must know that everything about how you approach trading will later influence your trading plan and how much you will gain in the long run. In essence, it depends on how much time you are willing to invest in researching. That shows how much you are ready to commit and serious about your investments, earnings, and spendings.

How do you start? By asking questions. Whether it be someone around you that is already trading (successfully) or on the internet, both would be best. Know that you shouldn’t try to imitate your friend or mimic entirely somebody who already gained a lot from trading cryptos.

Everyone starts differently, although there is one common thing. Every profitable trader starts small and continually learns about the market while changing his strategy accordingly and check the crypto broker list that will show you the reviews and certified broker information.

A common mistake to avoid

It’s all about being smart and figuring out a simple marketing scheme that promotes taking money away from you. People who fell for this trick are usually the bitter ones who tell you that everything is a scam and that you should never do it. People are not stupid, but they tend to get overemotional and act impulsively when they are in a bad financial situation. That’s a no, no matter how much tempting it sounds.

One in a billion earns thousands overnight, and even they have a history of experimenting and being in the trading business for a long time. Sometimes, it’s not such a long time, but they put their mind into learning everything and then analyzing different patterns.

There is no need to go deeper and search about a company you saw offers earning a million in a week (some say even in a day). You can write that off right away. People saying they benefited from it and gained so much quickly are usually hired actors, meaning it’s their job to say things like that. Scratch that out and put aside some time to search for certified companies.

Where to start

If you are a complete beginner, it is always good to take a course on trading. In 2020, many courses of this kind popped out (on famous and approved learning websites), they are mostly free, and you can learn the basics about cryptos, together with economy, how to set up your budget, and understand the way cryptocurrency works.

This type of education doesn’t last long, but it can offer you a lot of information where you would have to search all over the internet and speculate what’s right and what’s not. This way, you get everything chewed up for you, and after that, you can only expand our knowledge further.

Finding a good company (and a broker)

 We can’t tell you which company is precisely for you, because every trader has different needs and requirements. We can advise you on how to search for one and how a good broker approaches his customers. If you are completely new, having a broker is highly recommended since you can talk to an experienced person.

A broker that wants you to become another successful customer is the one that won’t be annoyed by your questions. He will strive to teach you more while prompting you to do some experimenting on your own. That usually means opening a demo trading account first. A demo account is very speculative since many people forget it shouldn’t be used for too long, even though it’s meant for learning how the trading system works.

Demo accounts

Opening a demo account means you will spend, let’s say, a week or two “trading” with fake money. The whole purpose is to get comfortable with how everything works. Be careful not to get too comfortable, though.

That is also a “small” mistake that can cost you a lot, so we advise you to move on from it as soon as you grasped some patterns and learned how it works. You can try trading with larger amounts of money when you have a demo account since it’s not real, but that’s what can ruin your trading experience once you start a live account.

Why? Because people get used to the fact, it’s all like a game since it wasn’t real. But once you start trading with your own money, it is, and your broker should advise you to start small and see how it goes. You will also have talked out with your broker about your trading strategy around that time and adjust it accordingly as time goes by.

In conclusion

Strive for quality, not quantity. It’s something you should know right away, even if it’s not clear right away. That’s why we emphasize learning and researching. Having a broker is essential, but find one you are comfortable talking about your financial situation and goals.

Be sure he doesn’t push you too much. Sometimes you will need to get out of your comfort zone, but that doesn’t involve investing thousands in one day. Look at trading cryptos as an opportunity to learn about how you approach your own money and what you want to invest in. Good luck!

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