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Binance Announces $50,000 DOCK Trading Competition



Binance Announces $50,000 DOCK Trading Competition
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Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange today announces the DOCK trading competition. The total reward money set by Binance is $50,000 as per the official blog post.

As per the blog post the competition starts on 2020/09/26 0:00 AM and ends on 2020/10/02 23:59 PM (UTC). There are three types of Promotions A, B & C and these are:-

  1. Promotion A: NEW USER Exclusive Rewards of 10,000 USD in DOCK!
  2. Promotion B: DOCK Trading Competition
  3. Promotion C: Trade DOCK to share a bonus of 15,000 USD in DOCK tokens!
binance Dock competition

In Promotion A all users have to register for a Binance account and during the competition period. After that they have to complete any one of the two task mentioned below:-

  1. Trade 20,000 DOCK or more in any trading pair available on Binance (including both Buy & Sell).
  2. Deposit 20,000 DOCK from any other cryptocurrency exchange or external wallet to the Binance account.

The exclusive prize pool for this promotion is 10,000 USD in DOCK tokens.

In Promotion B type users will be ranked on the basis of total trading volume during the competition period. The total trading volume is including both buy & sell among all the available trading pair of DOCK token.

The reward structure for this promotion are as follows:-

  • 1st place: 8,000 USD in DOCK tokens
  • 2nd place: 4,000 USD in DOCK tokens
  • 3rd place: 3,000 USD in DOCK tokens
  • 4th-10th place: split 10,000 USD in DOCK tokens equally

And the last type of Promotion is C which includes a prize pool of 15,000 USD in DOCK tokens. All the users with a trading volume of 200,000 DOCK or more are eligible for this bonus prize pool of 15,000 USD. The 200,000 DOCK trading volume is including both buys and sells during the competition period.

For more details and to know about the terms and conditions for the trading competition please refer to the official blog post of Binance.

At the press time, DOCK is trading at $0.018951 USD on Binance and the 24h trading volume is 1,632,133.57 USDT. The price of DOCK/USDT is +13.45% up from the last 24h.

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