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Bitcoin Cash gets BitPay’s BIP 70 protocol support on EdgeWallet



Bitcoin Cash gets BitPay BIP 70 protocol support on EdgeWallet

EdgeWallet describes itself as a multiple digital asset blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet, and a security app. Just recently, EdgeWallet pushed an update to support BitPay’s BIP 70 protocol for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This will let users pay BitPay invoices directly using Bitcoin Cash with the wallet.

In an official tweet, Edge announced, “The @EdgeWallet now has BIP 70 support for #BCH. Now you can pay @BitPay invoices directly.

About EdgeWallet

Edge considers itself a security and wallet app. They focus mostly on user privacy, user experience, and security. EdgeWallet aims to combine all of these features into a single easy-to-use blockchain wallet app.

EdgeWallet lets you store multiple digital cryptocurrencies in a single wallet. Furthermore, it provides a multi-asset support with safety. A username password pair is all Edge require from you to get started with their multi-asset wallet. Thus, it saves the user from any hassle concerning other wallets.

Furthermore, EdgeWallet provides a seamless way to exchange any cryptocurrency to another, on the go, all in-app. Currently, the multiple cryptocurrencies supported on EdgeWallet are more than 15. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Augur, Wings, Indorse, Zcoin, Feathercoin, DigiByte, Vertcoin and Bitcoin Gold.

The wallet also lets you buy or sell your fiat currency with any of the above digital asset, all in-app.

About BitPay’s BIP 70 Payment Protocol

BitPay aimed to eliminate all the payment errors that arose from their invoices. These payment errors occurred when someone paid too little, too much or too late. Furthermore, it also resulted when some forgot to add the miners’ fee.

Before BitPay introduced Payment Protocol (BIP 70), these errors piled up to thousands every week. BIP 70 eradicates all of these payment errors.

BIP 70 locks the payment amount, and Bitcoin address, thus preventing it from any manual mistakes. Furthermore, it registers the transaction first on BitPay servers, to check for errors, before registering it on Bitcoin Network.

BitPay witnessed an astonishing 90.24% decrease in payment errors after BIP 70 was implemented.


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