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Cryptocurrency News Welcomes Google Cloud as Block Candidate Producer to the EOS Network


on Welcomes Google Cloud as Block Candidate Producer to the EOS Network

Here comes another big update. wholeheartedly welcomes Google Cloud, a global hyper-scale cloud and infrastructure provider. This initiative makes Google Cloud a part of the EOS community and is working hard to be the EOS network, block producer. To remind you the EOS network is developed on the EOSIO blockchain platform issued by the

The fact is not hidden that Block producers are the essential elements of the EOS network. The addition of Google Cloud as the block producer candidate is a milestone for this blockchain network.

Talking about the advantage and special features of Google Cloud it plays an active role in leveraging the network of EOS that possess world-class performance.

Allen Day, the Developer Advocate of Google Cloud states “We’re starting the process of becoming a block producer candidate. As organizations begin to incorporate distributed ledger technology into their infrastructures, we are committed to ensuring that the information on public blockchains are securely stored, reliably available, and can be accessed in meaningful ways.” 

Google Cloud, the hub of technological innovation leverages the network in the best possible manner and also provides stability, high-security, reliability. In addition, it aims to offer global network architecture that best suits to the ecosystem of blockchain-like EOS.

Google Cloud, as the candidate of the block producer, is chosen by token holders to earn a secure status on the EOS network as a block producer.

Further, the Cloud reveals the microsite that highlights the participation in the EOS’s network affairs as a selected candidate of block producer.

Dan Larimer, the CTO mention “Google Cloud will continue to provide its highly provisioned, low-latency infrastructure to Through secure oracles, inter-chain transaction reporting, key management, and high-integrity full-node validation, Google Cloud’s confidential computing infrastructure will enhance the security, scalability, and decentralization of blockchain technology.”

To inform about, it is a software firm specialized in high-quality performance related to blockchain technology. The platform is efficiently devoted to empowering the society, its customers with its advanced technology that assures transparency in a transaction and the system as a whole.

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