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Cartesi Launches the DApp Incubation Program in Partnership with Gitcoin



Cartesi Launches the DApp Incubation Program in Partnership with Gitcoin

Cartesi is excited to launch the Cartesi DApp Incubation Program in collaboration with Gitcoin. The tweet states “its time to build your DApp in Linux and be one of the three teams to get $80K+ in awards.”

Cartesi is the only platform that enables the builders to utilize Linux and significant software stacks to construct robust DApps. Cartesi focuses on decentralized apps in order to function within the Linux platform. In addition, Cartesi allows the complex process to execute off-chain and is free from any other charges, and no blockchain’s computational limits are attached to it.

How it works

The complete process of the program is divided into 3 phases. Let’s learn them in detail.

Phase I from September 14-October 12, 2020: Interested candidate must submit their application to connect with the Cartesi DApp Incubation Program. The participants can urge the budget (up to 20K USD) that is enough to finance your project for three months and also select the deadline for the project delivery. As per the roadmap of the project and timely completion of the key milestone the total amount will be unlocked and paid to the team for further development.

Phase 2: Among all the participants three best teams will be selected to build the Cartesi DApp. The selected teams will have to submit their DApps by February 1, 2021. Moreover, the selected teams will get a chance to work under the guidance of experts to build the DApp in their preferred industry.

Phase 3, from February 8-19: In the last phase more awards will be decided by the Quadratic Funding System from Gitcoin. Additional 20K will be added by Cartesi and allocated to the three teams as per the votes gathered by each team.

How to Apply for Cartesi DApp Incubation Program?

Interested candidate submits the application by October 12, 2020. Kindly specify the amount required for funding the project and also mention the milestone required to unlock the amount.


The applications developed on Cartesi can perform more extensive and sophisticated computations involving large data. Moreover, Cartesi permits blockchain introspection. Parties are free to enter into contracts where the complete project depends upon the blockchain.

It’s time to show your creativity. Build a Cartesi DApp and prove your capabilities.

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