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Coinbase Launches Support for Decentralized Apps (dapps) on the Polygon Network



Coinbase Launches Support for Decentralized Apps (dapps) on the Polygon Network

Coinbase announces that it’s launching the support for using decentralized apps (dapps) on the Polygon network. This support is available for both Coinbase Wallet mobile and its extension.

According to the official blog post, “We are excited to support the Polygon network, which has recently emerged as one of the leading scaling solutions. This integration will allow for faster and cheaper transactions, and provide easier access to dapps on Polygon.”

Almost a million Coinbase users are using decentralized finance apps such as Uniswap, Compound and Aave, and NFT platforms like OpenSea and Zora.

Coinbase is adding support for scalability solutions to make DeFi more accessible. Last year it added support for Optimistic rollups and now it’s Polygon network.

Coinbase wants to add millions of more users to the world of decentralized finance and dapps. “We’ll continue to take steps to make it easier for users to access and interact with a variety of Layer 2 networks both on mobile and web,” Coinbase said in a blog post.

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