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Coinbase announces support for Bitcoin [BTC] on Coinbase Wallet



Coinbase announces support for Bitcoin [BTC] on Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase, the San Francisco, California based cryptocurrency and digital asset token exchange is adding support for more digital assets in its wallet. Coinbase’s user controller cryptocurrency and digital asset token wallet, Coinbase Wallet now supports Bitcoin [BTC].

Furthermore, it is notable that about 6 months ago, Toshi, “the future of decentralized web” convert into what is now, the browser based Coinbase Wallet. Coinbase is the most trusted platform among the crypto world because of its unique data storage feature.

More on Coinbase Wallet’s support of Bitcoin [BTC]

Coinbase Wallet already supported all the Ethereum [ETH], ERC20, ERC721 and Ethereum Classic [ETC] based token on its crypto wallet app. This makes up for over 100,000 different crypto collectibles supported by the crypto wallet app.

With the new support of Bitcoin [BTC] on its iOS and Android app, it is incredibly easy for users to receive, send and store the digital asset. Furthermore, the digital asset wallet extends the support for both the SegWit addresses (comes at a much less transaction fees), and Legacy addresses (to let the apps be backward compatible).

The intent behind Coinbase’s launching the project was to make the access of dapps and crypto wallet easy. This would be as simple as installing an app on a user’s Android phone for every individual. Coinbase Wallet is a state of the art work when it comes to privacy and security.

It allows storing private keys in the phone of the user. The private keys are certainly secure using encryption with Secure Enclave technology. It also extends the support of its biometric identification technology.

The app focuses on creating simplistic structure of the wallet enriching the user experience of the user. The wallet is usable for any kind of crypto wallet purpose. Furthermore, it also acts as a robust base for the decentralized apps on mobile phones.

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