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Ripple collaborating with a University in Beijing to research blockchain



Ripple collaborating with a University in Beijing to research blockchain

One of the largest and most renowned cryptocurrency foundation Ripple is hitting the headlines. The global cryptocurrency digital asset fintech network is collaborating with a Chinese University. Furthermore, the collaboration looks forward to researching blockchain and the blockchain technologies, with other finance technologies.

The Chinese University in the conversation here is the Beijing based “The Institute for Fintech Research” (THUIFR) at Tsinghua University. The university is opening a scholarship programme with this collaboration.

Furthermore, students will be researching on regulatory policies throughout the world. Moreover, the research will also focus on building more blockchain based technologies. Thus, the research will primarily concern on blockchain development.

It will focus on getting the students ready with the worldly and technical view of the blockchain used in the industry. As the Director of International Cooperation and Development at the Tsinghua University, Ivy Gao expressed in his comments, the programme will give the students a “comprehensive view”.

What does the collaboration mean for the crypto space?

The collaboration directly influences the researchers in the crypto verse and the field of blockchain. It will certainly open newer opportunities and knowledge in the field. Furthermore, we will also witness much more new blockchain applications in the future.

Ripple is not shy of expressing its intention about the future of blockchain. It collaborated with over 17 other universities apart from this Chinese University to focus on research and development in blockchain. Ripple invested a whopping amount of $50 million into the programme concerning the academics and research on blockchain and finance technologies.

Ripple’s current Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Eric van Miltenburg also expressed his view on the matter. He talked about how the initiative and more initiatives like this will be taken by Ripple. Eric also talked about how intrigued he was regarding  Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative.

It is notable that the programme in THUIFR is one of the many initiatives under Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative.

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