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Litecoin Community choose to embrace the new blue logo



Litecoin Community choose to embrace the new blue logo

The Litecoin Community is going to collectively adopt the new blue logo. Certainly, it is actually indeed a stylish new alternative to the old logo. The old logo was a classic grey flat or the grey striped logo of the cryptocurrency digital asset.

The logo first debuted in the trending UFC 232: Jones VS. Gustaffson 2 event, where the cryptocurrency became the official partner of the event for the cryptocurrency segment. Furthermore, it is notable that the digital asset currency became the first cryptocurrency to sponsor the event. It is for the first time in the event’s glowing 25 year history.

What does the logo like though?

Well, here it is, the new stylish logo with a lightning strip or cut through it.

Litecoin Community choose to embrace the new blue logo (logo)

It has also come to the limelight that the new stylish blue logo is from Australia. A design firm aptly named “The Tokens Agency” is behind designing the new blue Litecoin cryptocurrency logo.

The Litecoin Foundation, the firm behind maintaning the open source cryptocurrency Litecoin is encouraging everyone. Moreover, the Foundation wants users, platforms, businesses and everyone in the crypto space to use the new blue logo.

It comes from the fact that every brand wants to keep a brand consistency in the market today. The new blue logo, like the rest behind it, is free to use without restrictions. Furthermore, it is from considering the open source nature of the cryptocurrency.

Robbie Coleman, the founder of The Tokens Agency is a long time Litecoin user and holder. The agency also holds and uses the cryptocurrency digital asset. On encountering the request for the logo, Coleman urged that the creativity behind the brains of the agency be used.

The fruits was going to be sweet, as cryptocurrency and digital asset is a humongous thing, with its complexities. It put up a challenge to The Tokens Agency. The firm also conducted a brief survey on the digital asset’s subreddit forum. Furthermore, it helped the agency identify the desires of the community, and created the new logo with it.

The logo can be easily used keeping in mind the guidelines behind it.

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