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Stellar Lumen [XLM] on the rise after airdrop announcement, surpasses EOS in market cap



Stellar Lumen [XLM] on the rise after airdrop announcement, surpasses EOS in market cap

The renowned open source cryptocurrency project, Stellar’s native cryptocurrency digital asset token Lumen [XLM] is on the rise. The popular crypto firm just last week added the digital asset token on its platform. Furthermore, the crypto firm also announced the organizing of the largest ever airdrop or give away in the history of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The renowned cryptocurrency firm, is listing the open source cryptocurrency Stellar [XLM] known as Stellar Lumen [XLM]. Moreover, this means the crypto firm is extending full support for the cryptocurrency which is open source. Stellar Lumen [XLM] has seen support in the past from the popular San Fransisco-based payment provider services company Stripe.

Stellar Lumen [XLM] takes the 5th spot in total market cap surpassing EOS.IO [EOS]

The news of the airdrop spreading like wildfire helped the crypto project get traction. It is indeed becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrency digital asset token to purchase in the crypto market. The cryptocurrency digital asset token is just behind Bitcoin Cash in trading volume on the renowned crypto exchange Binance. Bitcoin Cash’s coming hard fork this week is resulting in a high trading volume.

Furthermore, right now, Stellar Lumen [XLM] is witnessing a trading volume of over 4230 Bitcoin [BTC]. Comparing this to the cryptocurrency EOS.IO [EOS], it only has 814 BTC, making it reach the 11th rank in total volume traded on the crypto exchange Binance.

It is even in the rumors that Coinbase might be listing the digital asset token soon their trading platform. Furthermore, this might be one of the reasons behind the cryptocurrency’s an almost bullish run in the crypto market. It is noteworthy, that, the renowned crypto firm announced on November 6, 2018, of the largest ever airdrop. This airdrop would be worth $125 million. Furthermore, it would be for the 30 million and growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts on the platform.

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