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The Crypto App, one-stop solution to latest crypto data, price alerts, breaking news and many more



The Crypto App, one-stop solution to get the latest crypto data

The Crypto App is your one stop solution to get the latest crypto data, tailored to your needs. Designed for mobile platforms (both Android and iOS) with a thoughtful layout for easy navigation and interaction, the app is powered by our proprietary cloud-hosted crypto analytics engine – running 24/7 and observing the markets from various viewpoints so you don’t miss key developments.

It offers everything you need to stay on the top of the game: freshly updated prices, advanced (and simple) charts with technical indicators (over 200 exchanges supported including Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp and others with a total of 30,000 trading pairs), price alerts, configurable home screen widgets, breaking news with push notifications and coin-specific segmentation, functions to help you find the next opportunities and more.

All of these features are highly configurable in such a way that The Crypto App will serve you only data and indicators that you are interested in. And the best thing? It’s always with you, ready to tell you what’s happening in the crypto industry and what are the causes.

Set up your own favourite tokens list, custom sparklines, get breaking news just for the tokens you are interested in and set up price alerts so you can relax while waiting for market movements. Want to be updated on the prices regularly? Set up some widgets and see what’s going on without even opening the app. The Crypto App was designed to be your best friend in the cryptocurrency industry serving you only hard facts and verifiable numbers. Don’t drown in the information from others.

Over 500.000 users already rely on The Crypto App for their crypto endeavours, and more than 30.000 reviews with an average score of 4.7 only support this.
Don’t wait any longer and don’t miss out – download and try now!

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Top features:

  • Price lists (customizable)
  • Simple and advanced charts with technical indicators (MACD, RSI, ..)
  • Price alerts
  • Home screen widgets
  • Coin-specific and general news with push notifications


  • Downloads: 800.000+
  • Active users: 500.000+
  • Daily users: 60.000+
  • Reviews: 30.000+ (average 4.7)
  • Languages: translated in 11 languages
  • Countries: users from over 140 countries
  • Top platform: Android

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