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TicketFly Hacked and Hacker demanded 1 Bitcoin in Ransom



Hacker reportedly wanted 1 BTC to point out vulnerability.

The hackers’ attacks on the websites are not something very new. But the recent hacks conducted on the took the hacking to a whole new level.  The story is very intriguing and also very informative.

Ticketfly’s website was breached by a hacker who also compromised its customer information base. The whole storage of data was exposed to the attack. It included the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of the customers of Ticketfly and also its fans.

There are no accurate estimation of how many accounts have been compromised as the result of this recent hack. However, there are some claims that the numbers can be as vast as 26 million. The company’s website claims that it is offline and is working on its recovery for as soon as possible.

This is creating further confusion especially among the fans. The situation is not looking good for the company as of right now. The demand of the Bitcoin as a ransom was intriguing part of the story. The cyber world is now enmeshed with the internet of money. Bitcoin is emerging as a favorite transaction mechanism of assets in these situations.

The hacker who have hacked the Ticketfly have already breached the website last week. He/she claimed that he/she has identified a vulnerability which allows him/her to take control of the website along with its database. The hacker demanded a ransom of 1 Bitcoin to release the website and to inform them of the vulnerability.

The company shrugged the hacker off. After not receiving any reply from the company, the attacker dumped the user data online and went AWOL. The company is still recovering from the incident and is trying its best to bring the website online as soon as possible.

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