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TRON Foundation launches TronLink on Chrome Web Store and Firefox



TRON Foundation launches TronLink on Chrome Web Store and Firefox

The renowned cryptocurrency blockchain project, TRON Foundation with the popular TRON Market, has created TronLink web extension for Chrome Web Browser and Firefox. TRON Market is the TRON blockchain ecosystem-based fully decentralized exchange.

They have created TronLink as a tool for a “website to blockchain” communication. This would let developer connect their decentralized applications (DApp) directly to the TRON blockchain.

More about TronLink

TRON Foundation announced the launch of this extremely integral tool for developers to empower their decentralized applications. Furthermore, they tweeted: “TronLink Beta is now available on Chrome and Firefox! Developers are now able to interact with the smart contracts they create for their decentralized applications right inside their browser. Kudos to @TronWatch for the hard work!

TronWatch Market deals with the secured and transparent trading of TRON’s digital asset tokens TRX, TRX10, and TRX20. Their aim of creating the decentralized exchange was to increase the liquidity of the TRON crypto tokens on the TRON blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore, by adding other tokens, they want to benefit all of the crypto tokens.

With TronLink, they are following TRON’s legacy of providing developers with efficient and easy to integrate tools for creating decentralized apps in a simple manner. Furthermore, the tool makes it extremely easy for developers to link their decentralized applications to the blockchain ecosystem even in browsers.

TRON Foundation stated in their official blog about it works similar to what MetaMask does for Ethereum. “TronLink provides similar usage to the Tron Network as MetaMask does with the Ethereum Network. Developers will now be able to create and interact with DApps in the browser, which opens up a whole new realm that Tron has never seen before.

Furthermore, with this, they will let users access smart contracts they have created previously inside their decentralized application. For this, the user has to install the Chrome Web Extension and proceed with their credentials. Furthermore, the company urges the users to create a backup of their wallet data.

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