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Microsoft Edge is now the 2nd most popular desktop web browser



Microsoft Edge is now the 2nd most popular desktop web browser

The Microsoft Edge web browser is now the 2nd most popular desktop web browser by market share. Previously about a month ago the position was acquired by Firefox.

However, Google Chrome is still at the 1st position with a market share of 68.50% i.e. far greater than all other web browsers. As per NetMarketShare in March 2020, the market share of Chrome was 68.50%, Microsoft Edge was 7.59% and Firefox was 7.19%.

So the difference between the market share of both Microsoft Edge and Firefox is not enough, but Edge has surpassed the Firefox for the 1st time in the history.

Browser Market Share
Browser Market Share by NetMarketShare

As per NetMarketShare, Firefox popularity was 9.27% in March 2019, which has now decreased to 7.19% in March 2020. While the popularity of edge was 5.20% in March 2019, which has increased to 7.59% n March 2020.

The market share of top 10 desktop web browsers are listed below:-

Internet Explorer 115.60%
Sogou Explorer1.88%
UC Browser0.42%

The reason behind Microsoft increase in popularity is the Chromium-based version. It has the advantage of using all the extensions that are available in Google Chrome web store. Also, it provides compatibility and performance to the same level as Google chrome.

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