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Microsoft and Tanla Partners to launch Wisely, a Blockchain-Enabled CPaaS Platform



Microsoft and Tanla Partners to launch Wisely, a Blockchain-Enabled CPaaS Platform

Today Microsoft and India based communications firm Tanla has launched a platform called Wisely. Basically Wisely is a blockchain-enabled CPaaS platform that will deliver private, secure, and trusted communication experience.

Wisely is a blockchain-enabled communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) which is built on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is the development partner for Tanla.

The global edge-to-edge network provided by Wisely delivers private, secure, and trusted communication experiences.

Uday Reddy, Chairman & CEO of Tanla Platforms Ltd. said, “We’re excited to launch Wisely, our new global platform powered by Microsoft. It is a gamechanger for enterprises, mobile carriers, OTT players, marketers, and industry regulators. With the launch of Wisely, Tanla continues to be a market leader in the domain of commercial communication by enabling trusted customer experiences.”

The edge-to-edge encryption provided by Wisely ensures data security and data privacy for end-users. Also, the enterprises can access the network via a single API offering multi-channel capabilities.

Here are some of the product features of Wisely network:-

  • Personal data stays personal and is not vulnerable.
  • Protection from fraud.
  • Freedom from Spam.
  • All communications are received on-time.
  • No communication delayed or dropped.

Please go-through the video by Tanla Platforms Limited for more product features on Wisely.

Wisely has also granted three patents in cryptography and blockchain process by the United States Patents & Trademark Office. As per the official announcement the Wisely platform will be sold by both the platform globally.

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