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Shardeum Betanet ‘Sphinx’ is Live with 1200+ Validator nodes



Shardeum Betanet 'Sphinx’ is Live

Shardeum, an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform launches its betanet “Sphinx” on 2nd Feb 2023. Alphanet “Liberty” was launched back in April 2022 and it was a great success with over 1.5+ million transactions and 45,000+ smart contracts deployed on the network.

Since the network has become one of the most decentralized testnet in web3 with over 1200 validators within a few days of the launch (on 2nd Feb). Sphinx was launched with over 2,500 live viewers and IRL watch-parties organized and hosted by community members across 17 cities and 10 countries! Within 24 hours of the launch, over 200 nodes were run by community members.

Currently, Shardeum Sphinx has around 1400 validators. Most importantly, 95% of the validator nodes are run by the community! It’s a remarkable feat by an L1 and demonstrates the strength of the community. The user-friendly and permissionless GUI, along with minimum hardware requirements, has made Sphinx accessible and one of the most adopted testnets!

You can watch the launch of Shardeum betanet AKA Sphinx here:

Shardeum Sphinx Launch

Shardeum network is growing rapidly with testnet integration into OKX Wallet. This partnership with OKX Wallet will help wallet user access the dApps building on Shardeum and the web3 ecosystem.

The team behind Shardeum is also working on a way to launch an incentive program for node runners on Shardeum Sphinx. So, stay tuned with us for more news on Shardeum.

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