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Push Protocol v2 launching Incentivized Push Chat Features in June



Push Protocol

Push Protocol is finally launching its smart contracts version 2 after the successful completion of its security audit by Chainsafe. Push Protocol v2 will have two main features i.e. Push Fee Pool Staking and Incentivized Chat Requests. The tentative launch date of Push Protocol v2 is late June 2023.

Not only this, with the launch of v2 the $PUSH token holders shall now be able to earn incentives directly from the protocol. Time based rewards multiplier also comes live and with this the longer you have held the tokens, the higher your rewards will be.

Incentivized Push Chat

Incentivized Push Chat is a new feature introduced with version 2, allowing users to set a one-time fee for receiving chat requests. With this users can now have enhanced control over the incoming chat requests.

Currently, any valid address (message sender) can send chat requests to any other wallet address (message receiver). Now any new chat request sent by the sender lands under the requests tab of the receiver, which he/she can open, accept and respond to.

But with the launch of Pushv2, users can opt to enable a one-time fee for sending chat requests. This will provide an opportunity for users to monetize their chat interactions.

The Incentivized Push Chat feature has several potential use cases for users,

  • Creator Economy / Monetization
  • Spam Prevention
  • Enhanced Privacy

Now, with the help of this incentivized chat feature, Professionals, Thought leaders, or experts in Web3 or any specific field can monetize their knowledge and provide personalized advice or consultations through Push chat.

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