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Brave acquires Tailcat to launch its own search engine



Brave acquires Tailcat to launch its own search engine

Privacy oriented web browser, Brave announces the acquisition of Tailcat on March, 3rd 2021 via an official blog post. Tailcat is an open search engine developed by the team formerly responsible for the privacy search and browser products at Cliqz, a holding of Hubert Burda Media.

Now after this acquisition Tailcat will become the foundation of Brave Search. Users will have a fully-integrated solution for private browsing as an alternative to Google Search and Chrome.

As per the official blog post, Brave browser saw unprecedented growth in 2021, having 25 million monthly active users on its platform.

It seems privacy is going mainstream and people are also demanding it. A recent example of this is the exodus of WhatsApp users to demand more privacy messaging apps like Signal.

Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave Software said, “Brave’s mission is to put the user first, and integrating privacy-preserving search into our platform is a necessary step to ensure that user privacy is not plundered to fuel the surveillance economy.”

“We are very happy that our technology is being used at Brave and that as a result, a genuine, privacy-friendly alternative to Google is being created in the core web functions of browsing and searching,” said, Paul-Bernhard Kallen, CEO of Hubert Burda Media.

If you are really concerned about privacy then you must try Brave Search. Sign-up here and be among the first to try the new Brave Search.

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