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Brave and 0x Partnerships to Launch Brave Swap to make DeFi accessible to everyone



Brave and 0x Partnerships to Launch Brave Swap

Brave browser, the privacy-focused web browser launches Brave Swap to make DeFi accessible to everyone. This Brave Swap is now available to use in the latest version of Brave browser on the desktop.

Brave and 0x partners to launch the Brave Swap which is built on the 0x API. “We believe that this partnership between Brave and 0x will go a long way toward making crypto and DeFi accessible to everyone,” Brave said in a blog post.

Brave also launches its latest BAT roadmap in which it discusses the new Brave wallet that is in development. The new wallet “will also support other EVM-compatible blockchains and have some chains preconfigured to use without any settings changes.”

According to the official blog post, “The wallet can make Ethereum calls (such as getting ERC-20 token balances), and send transactions (such as ERC-20 token sends).  Permission prompts are tied into the Brave-standard, Chromium-based permission manager, and users can manage permissions across sites as they do with other Web permissions, such as geolocation requests.”

Also, the new Brave Wallet will be available on both mobile and desktop. Brave is also planning to go beyond Ethereum as support for Bitcoin, Polygon, and more chains and L2s are in progress.

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