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TikTok introduces “Family Safety Mode” to help parents keep their teens safe



TikTok Family Safety Mode

TikTok today announces the introduction of a new feature which will help parents and guardians keep their teens safe. The new feature “Family Safety Mode” will help parents set limits on the children’s use of the TikTok app.

The features include screen time management, direct messages and a restricted mode. Screen time management will allow parents to controls how long their teens can spend each day on TikTok.

The “Direct Messages” feature will allow parents to restrict direct messages completely or limit who can send messages to the connected account. While the “Restricted Mode” feature will restrict the appearance of inappropriate content.

The parents who want to enable “Family Safety Mode” will have to create an account on TikTok and then they have to link it with the teen’s account. Once enabled then only the parents can control how long their teens will spend time on TikTok, who can direct message and restrict the appearance of inappropriate mode.

According to TikTok, the new parents feature is already launched today in the U.S. and will soon be rolled out to other markets.

TikTok has also partnered with some of their popular creators to create safety videos about screen-time management to encourage the users. These videos are being added to the TikTok Tips.

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