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TRON partners with MOSHROOM a portable smart toilet supplier in China



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A recent blog post has unveiled that TRON has partnered with MOSHROOM, a supplier of smart and innovative toilet in China. The duo has decided to work in collaboration with the blockchain technologies, particularly with the cross-border commerce payment platform.

TRON with the assimilation of MOSHROOM has promised for more innovative and smart portable toilets and have assured to make these comfortable washrooms to reach across the globe.

In developing countries where the life of ordinary people is comparatively tough, the government has always been in a fuss to make out a solution to provide them with better washroom experience. However, due to the economic problem the country is not able to serve good hygiene, health, and many another basic requirement.

In order to solve the above-mentioned problem, MOSHROOM’s has come up with outstanding one-set portable toilets. These toilets are flushed free and work with a solar power technique. This means that they don’t require water as well as electricity.

In addition to this, the platform also aims at bringing more innovative development as advance lock system, adds vending machine and light boxes. So, basically, these technologies enable a proper balance between mobile Internet applications and commercial technologies.

MOSHROOM has the full support of the Chinese government due to which the company has positioned dozens of this smart toilets on Beijing pavements and streets.

As TRON has decided to collaborate and assist MOSHROOM with blockchain technologies, the partnership will enable MOSHROOM to get the mobile payment system, particularly for the cross-border platform by making it more advanced and transparent with the technical aid.

The founder of TRON, Justin Sun has stated that Blockchain technologies are not that much expensive than ordinary people cannot think of affording. However, if these technologies do not stand for the betterment of the people then there is no use for such developments. Moreover, in many countries bathroom experience has not attained the attention that they deserve for the good health and hygiene of the public. TRON will try to do all that they can do to solve this problem.

TRON partners with MOSHROOM

He further stated that the mobile internet has already changed the lives of ordinary people by giving more advanced features and e-commerce. TRON has taken its move to support MOSHROOM’s to give a better experience to the public and by enabling cross-border payment settlement. Their team will show their utmost dedication required for building this project.

The CEO of MOSHROOM, Cosmos Wu stated that public toilets are not only the issue of the individual but a people at large. He further added that if the project turns out to be a non-profit one soon it will be diminished as per the agreement.

He further claimed that as currency differs from country to country so it not at all an easy task to provide smart toilets at reasonable rates for all the developing countries. However, the team has faith in TRON as they will help to make it reach in every corner of the world with its blockchain technologies.

The point to be noted is that the duo has agreed that the developed toilets will first be launched in Southeast Asia and India. The payment and use of the toilets will be supported by the blockchain technologies.

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