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TronWatch launches TronWatch Market, its own cryptoexchange



TronWatch launches TronWatch Market, its own cryptoexchange

TronWatch, the wallet built from ground-up specifically for Tron, has launched its own crypto exchange, TronWatch Market. It has partnered with, the community-built organization about blockchain. TronWatch Market is a decentralized exchange, aimed to facilitate a flexible transaction for Tron users.

What led to the creation of the TronWatch Market exchange?

TW Market believes the exchange will increase the market liquidity of Tron token network. Furthermore, as the decentralized exchange supports every token, every token will benefit.

TronWatch developed open products to provide the consumers, investors, and traders of the Tron blockchain, better user experience, and flexibility in interaction. Also, they didn’t want to let this restricted to the developers, but instead to any general user of the blockchain. They released application and platform such as TronLink and their Desktop Wallet to achieve this.

With TW Market, they aim to provide secure decentralized token exchanges for Tron (TRX) for its user. Also, this will be focused on providing a better experience of trading to the user.

More about the TronWatch Market

TW Market is made keeping security in mind and implementing it in its design. They use open-source smart contracts, to facilitate decentralization. Furthermore, this helps the platform alleviate third-party influence, essential to the blockchain.

Also, to further polish this secure design, they will let security firms audit the platform. Furthermore, they will also start a bug bounty program to squash any bug in the platform.

TW Market also wants to achieve proper accessibility and better user experience. They are implementing this by making an intuitive and simple design. This will help everyone, from beginners to experienced traders, in the TRON blockchain.

Furthermore, they are also establishing a marketplace for buyers and traders of the TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency. The absence of any way to find potential traders has inspired this idea.


TronWatch Market is organizing a Token Sale, where they’ll trade a new token TWM, for securing proper capital for their platform.

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