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US Marshals auctioning 660 forfeited Bitcoin [BTC] worth $4.3 million



US Marshals auctioning 660 forfeited Bitcoin [BTC] worth $4.3 million

The government agency, United States Marshals dubbed as the US Marshals are announcing the auctioning off of over 660 Bitcoin forfeited in scams and raids. The government agency made the announcement through their government website.

Furthermore, the United States Marshals explicitly states on their website that these 660 cryptocurrency coins were taken during the civil, administrative cases. Furthermore, along with these cases, they were taken in cases involving scams and raids in a federal crime. Moreover, to bid in this auction, it is mandatory for bidders to pay a $200K deposit amount.

The advert on the US Marshals’ website states more on this. “This sealed bid auction is for approximately 660 (structure details below). The required deposit to participate in this auction is $200,000.00 USD. These bitcoins were forfeited in various federal criminal, civil and administrative cases.”

More about the Auction by US Marshals

The cases from which the Bitcoins got forfeit includes the cases of Thomas Mario Costanzo, Loui Ong, Anton Peck, Theresa Tetley, and Sky Justin Gornik. Some other court cases include that of the federal agency, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The cryptocurrency coins auctions off in a series of blocks. Series A will consist of 6 blocks of 100 cryptocurrency coins each. Series B will consist of a single block of 60 cryptocurrency coins in it. Furthermore, this gives a total of 660 cryptocurrency coins.

The guidelines for the registration of the auction is pretty vivid too. “All interested parties must first register with the USMS. You are not eligible to submit a bid or otherwise participate in this auction unless you have submitted all required documents and have received confirmation from the USMS that you are an eligible bidder.”

The US Marshals agency also warned the users about the auction. Furthermore, they went on to warn users that this is not an offer.

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