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WazirX and DODO Partners for a Grand Giveaway Worth ₹56 Lacs (~$71,000)



WazirX and DODO Partners for a Grand Giveaway Worth ₹56 Lacs (~$71,000)

Once again Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX is back with another grand giveaway. This time it has partnered with DODO for a giveaway worth ₹56 Lacs (~$71,000) via a host of activities.

Basically, DODO is a decentralized exchange platform that features highly capital-efficient liquidity pools. Trading for DODO is already live on WazirX in INR and USDT market pair.

WazirX – DODO Giveaway

Users can participate in the host of activities organised by WazirX and DODO to win prizes. Let’s have a look at the various contests of the giveaway where you can participate:-

Giveaway Schedule

  • 1st – 11th March – Signup on WazirX and receive free $25 worth DODO
  • 2nd March – YouTube Live with Diane Dai, Co-founder of DODO. 
  • 3rd March – Trivia on WazirX Instagram page with prizes of ₹4,000.
  • 3rd – 4th March – Quiz on WazirX Blog page with prizes of ₹24,000.
  • 4th March – AMA with Diane Dai, Co-founder of DODO and win total prizes of ₹24,000.
  • 4th March – Gleam Giveaway for DODO army. 
  • 14th – 18th March – 96-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of ₹31,50,000  worth DODO for top 400 traders.

Signup & Earn

WazirX and DODO are giving away ₹23,61,000 worth of DODO tokens to any 1200 random new users that will register and buy DODO during the campaign duration. This campaign will start on Tuesday, 1st March, 9 PM and continue till Friday, 11th March, 9 PM IST.

New users can buy any amount of DODO tokens from the INR and USDT market on WazirX. All the eligible users will receive 59.5 (~$25) DODO tokens.

YouTube Live

A live interview with the Co-founder of DODO, Diane Dai, is organised on Wednesday, 2nd March, 5 PM IST where you can learn everything about DODO. Users have to visit the official YouTube channel of WazirX to participate in this session.


This contest is scheduled on Thursday, 3rd March, at 12 PM IST on the official Instagram page of WazirX.

A total of 5 questions on Instagram Story where you have to choose the correct answer and win prizes. 5 lucky winners will win 24.1 DODO each.


This quiz contest is scheduled for Thursday, 3rd March, 6 PM – Friday, 4th March, 6 PM IST. Users interested to participate can visit the WazirX Blog where a total of 10 questions will be available, choose the correct answer to win.

A total of 20 winners will have a chance to win 36.2 DODO each. The reading resources that will be useful for you are:-


A live AMA with Diane Dai, Co-founder of DODO is scheduled on Friday, 4th March, 6 PM IST at the official WazirX Telegram channel.

A total of 10 questions will be selected from the Twitter followers which will be asked in the live AMA. For each selected question from Twitter, 36.2 DODO will be awarded. Also, 72.5 DODO will be awarded to each for the top 5 live questions asked in the Telegram group.

Gleam Giveaway

In this giveaway contest, 967 DODO will be given to 25 lucky winners. In order to participate in this contest, keep visiting the official Twitter page of WazirX regularly.

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon: DODO/INR

WazirX will launch a non-stop 96-hours long highest trader kaun marathon in the DODO/INR trading pair. This trading contest will start from 14th March, 9 AM onwards and will continue until 18th March, 9 AM IST.

Users can participate in this contest any time between the contest period to win a total prize of ₹31,50,000 worth DODO.

Trader RankPrizes/ Person (DODO)INR Worth
4 – 102,379.8778,750
11 – 201,523.1250,400
21 – 30475.9715,750
31 – 40380.7812,600
41 – 50314.1410,395
51 – 100190.396,300
101 – 150114.233,780
151 – 20070.442,331
201 – 25057.121,890
251 – 35047.601,575
350 – 40038.081,260

About DODO

DODO is a decentralized exchange platform that is powered by the Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm, which is a new blockchain market-making model which allows the asset ratio and slope of the pricing curve to be totally customizable and utilizes oracles for efficient price discovery.

The trading platform also offers SmartTrade, a decentralized liquidity aggregation service that routes to and compares various liquidity sources to quote the optimal swap rate between any two tokens.

DODO is also set to release a ‘lite’ version of the app. With a sleek, minimalistic design, DODO LITE will give our users a clutter-free experience. The old DODO look will still be available for those users who are used to the original design.

A big focus for DODO is enabling and expanding access to crypto in new and emerging markets. This includes deploying our product on as many chains as possible, as well as reaching out to users and projects in all corners of the world – many of whom have little or no access to crypto infrastructure.

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