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XRP Finally Gets listing on eToro



Christmas day was wonderful for the community among the XRP people as well as for the eToro, which is a multi-asset financial technology company based out of US. On the day of 25th of December, eToro has now revealed that XRP will now be going to become upon the eToro platform, it is big news which most of the users were willing to expect from a more extended period of time.

Apart from that, the company has also revealed that no fees will be going to be charged for both the XRP coin and XRP wallet creation. They also said in a blog post that:

 “Current minimum transfer amount is 133 XRP. Coin transfer is available for Gold users and above in countries where the eToro Wallet is available (to check local availability, please refer to your app store).”

Apart from just that the company has unveiled that this sort of service will only be going to be available for the users who do a deposit amount with the help of wire transfer and the more facility of the payment to be added up soon.

The company also has revealed features which attracts the users. Some of the amazing features in eToro’s release are:

The first 25K users to open an XRP wallet will receive the wallet for free – and will not be required to pay the XRP wallet cost which is 45 XRP*Coin transfer is available for Gold users and above in countries where the wallet is available. The promotion will apply until 31.1.2019”

Tiffany Hayden was also joined by other members of the XRP community, with Luke Roberts, an XRP fan saying:

“Dear @eToro @eToroService – whilst we thank you for setting up an e-wallet, the #XRPcommunity bought real #XRP coins using our hard earned $ via debit/credit cards. We cannot withdraw our coins unless we send a wire payment, rendering this wallet & all initial offerings useless!!”

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