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Poll Shows People Want An Amazon Cryptocurrency, Starbucks Hints Of A Blockchain App



Poll Shows People Want An Amazon Cryptocurrency, Starbucks Hints Of A Blockchain App

A big fuss aggregated this week that Online retailer Amazon this week received feedback that its hypothetical creation of an “Amazon Coin”.But there is not an official announcement for this till now.

A survey by LendEDU showed that thousands of regular Amazon users got surveyed that if Amazon launches its crypto coin will they buy it and response came more in favor and showed a great enthusiast of crypto lovers to this Amazon coin.

Survey also asked the same respondents if they would use a bank account created by Amazon as their primary account  ‘44.50’ percent said ‘yes’.

Total 17 questions were asked in the survey and respondents views on possible expansions of Amazon beyond online retail like in insurance, mortgaging and more.

Nearly 61 percent of the respondents responded that they trust Amazon to handle their finances more than a traditional bank.This shows that how people believe in Amazon globally and ready to accept it.

While Amazon did not announce any launch of cryptocurrency but the company showed interest in blockchain as Amazon Web Services (AWS) signed a deal with R3to use their Blockchain-based Corda platform.

Another news which also captured attention that Starbucks, another large traditional consumer company, spoke of plans to use Blockchain on the Starbucks app, also hinting of the possibility of creating their own currency for the app’s use.

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