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Bitcoin [BTC-USD] sees a whopping 40% decline on Binance



Bitcoin [BTC-USD] sees a whopping 40% decline on Binance

Crypto currency and digital asset token exchanges are going through a rough time in the history of crypto currencies. Moreover, these blockchain based digital asset tokens have witnessed all the ups and downs of the past 11 years.

Just recently, Diar is publishing its report on the impact crypto currency and digital asset token exchanges are suffering with. The crypto currency research company is stating that the exchanges are witnessing a new “low” in their records. Furthermore, these kind of low records have not been seen since the month May of the year 2017.

More about the report of Diar on crypto exchanges

The crypto research company illustrated records of the most renowned crypto currency exchanges, Binance and Coinbase. It is a record breaking low record for Bitcoin [BTC], as it crossing over 400 days of this trend. Furthermore, this is the longest one yet as witnessed by the crypto currency verse.

From Binance, to Coinbase to Gemini and OKEX, all have witnessed a huge decline in the exchange of the Bitcoin trading pair [BTC USD]. Binance took the biggest hit yet this year. Compared to their trading in December of the last year 2018, the exchange over the trading pair Bitcoin to United States Dollar [BTC USD] witnessed a decline of over 40%.

Binance is amongst the world’s largest crypto currency exchange by adjusted trading volume. They have also provided seed funding in various startup. Although, Diar assumes that these startups are too early “to bear fruits”.

Binance’s whopping decline, by 40% in the BTC/USD trading pair

Furthermore, on the other hand, the San Francisco based crypto exchange Coinbase is witnessing exchanges even below the records of May 2017. Diar is also predicting that the trends are not going to improve soon. They have predicted that the trends will keep going down through this year.

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