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BitGo, the blockchain security company adds support for Stellar and Dash



BitGo, the blockchain security company adds support for Stellar and Dash

The renowned United States based blockchain security company and cryptocurrency wallet provider, BitGo has added support for Dash and Stellar. The company lets users and investors create a wallet for storing their digital asset holdings. Now, the company has added support for these new coins.

Furthermore, Dash made the announcement via their official Twitter handle, DashPay. “We are excited to announce our newest partnership with @BitGo! Thanks @mikebelshe we are thrilled to join! #crypto #cryptocurrency #payments

About the Support

Starting this Friday, users would be able to store Dash in their BitGo digital wallets. Dash is a spin-off the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and is based on a tweaked code base of the cryptocurrency. Dash comes from “digital cash” aiming to provide improvements to Bitcoin. Furthermore, these improvements include fewer transaction fees and almost instant payments.

BitGo calls themselves the “most secure cryptocurrency wallet” in the world. They are also the biggest Bitcoin payment processor in the world by volume, processing over $15 billion in transactions monthly. BitGo provides multi-signature wallet making it an institutional-grade security wallet.

Furthermore, it provides over 85+ digital assets and cryptocurrencies in its wallet. With the addition of Dash this week, the list is only growing. It has a user interface which is being called as the “most user-friendly” in the cryptoverse.

BitGo will also add Stellar Lumen (XLM), which started as an open source cryptocurrency project at the renowned payment solution company, Stripe in 2014.

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash stated this. “Because so many large cryptocurrency exchanges rely on BitGo as part of their security, this integration will enable Dash to partner with many new exchanges and make supporting Dash easier for some of our existing partners. Finally, BitGo gains a new capability with Dash in the form of instant transactions, which we think many of their clients – especially exchanges – will value greatly.”

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