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Blockchain Project Luxcore Introduces the First Staking Web-Wallet-as-a-Service



Blockchain Project Luxcore Introduces the First Staking Web-Wallet-as-a-Service
Source: Luxcore

Luxcore came up with its first and the foremost Stake-Wallet-as-a-Service with different features of its kind. Lux WebWallet is easy to use for all the customers as well as reduces the risk of errors prevailing in another traditional wallet.

Lux WebWallet is the only solution that can support the Proof of Stake hashing issues. It has the capacity to leave the blockchain algorithms free from all kind of bondage for 24/7 for earing the stake rewards.

It allows the projects to act more sustainable by enabling the users to shut down their computer system without the fear of losing rewards for the time in the history of the blockchain. It is fully dependent on the upgraded multi-node architecture for availing the network infrastructure. Moreover, it behaves as a backbone for making a decision when stuck in conflict with the consensus problem of Proof of Stake.

In addition, it also felicitates a turn-key service meaning the developers can use this to integrate it with their own projects that are compatible with all kind of Proof-of-Stake-Blockchain present in the space.

Lux WebWallet possess a smart security system for the Proof of Stake deployment by leaving carbon footprints than other traditional Proof of Stake Wallets. It can be said that Lux WebWallet is the only solution that the users were waiting for so long to optimize the Proof of Stake.

In order to survive and maintain its dignity blockchain required consensus. This consensus was attained after accomplishing the algorithm techniques, puzzles meaning it has to suffer through lots of challenges that requires plenty of computing capacity to figure out.

However, this continuous emergence of world challenge as greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of fuel, electricity that needs plenty of consensus algorithms is deteriorating and becoming comparatively less reliable and durable.

Though more advanced and upgraded algorithms are developed as Luxcore’s PHI2, that exhaust considerably less electricity and produces more heat but these efficient algorithm does not eliminate the sustainability issue of blockchain completely rather just lessen it.

Accomplishing a consensus without any kind of carbon footprint has become the future of these blockchain techs, where the essence of the Proof of Stake lie. Featuring a Proof of Stake does not require any giant mining process to figure out these puzzled computing issues.

Moreover, this Proof of Stake takes help of the blockchain technology itself as well as the assets in favor of the network to produce consensus.

In the end, it can be said that it is scalable, advanced, modular, adaptable and literally the first of its kind. It has the capacity to support every aspect of the Proof of Stake and is ready to guide you today.

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