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CoinMarketCap announces new Professional API and features on site



CoinMarketCap announces new Professional API and features on site

CoinMarketCap has excitingly launched its much-awaited professional API. After a long wait, by considering the feedback and beta process with lots of users finally, it is live now. This professional API is highly updated with all the new technologies on its official website.

With this professional API, the user can avail varieties of facilities including developing aggregated data in product offerings, conversions, market capitalization and also providing trading pair data that CoinMarketCap aggregates from hundreds of exchanges every minute.

The founder of CoinMarketCap, Brandon Chez, said that their main aim is to continue the development and growth of cryptocurrency sector by collaborating with their team. He further stated that the use of professional API will surely ensure that cryptocurrency data help the user to know and build trust at every stage of the application.

He also said that this API has all the required features and comes with a best-developed dashboard in order to help every developer whether belong to a category of a newcomer or from the existing one.

Though there are hundreds of institutional investor investing in the world of cryptocurrency products the CoinMarketCap API will allow serving as a key data pipeline that will hopefully help to support accurate data required for making the right decisions.

The API is available with a large variety depending on its features and rates. Historical data up to five years is also present via API with an industry contract.

In addition, derivatives markets have also been added to its site. This will help the users to explore these markets beyond the trading exchanges that is already mentioned in the list. Moreover, it also supports OTC exchanges and will continue to add more relevant features in coming days.

The CoinMarketCap has also introduced a daily newsletter on customers request. This will probably cover all the basic news related to cryptocurrency which is exclusively designed to give a comprehensive update related to the market.

Hope this redesigned and upgraded API is blessed with all the required features to build a fuller experience and develop like a popular website that has the capacity to monetize via advertising.

Well, with all these new features and technologies CoinMarketCap will obviously be able to maintain its standard and fulfill the appropriate demand of the users.

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Rupali Sinha is a journalist at Koinalert. She covers the latest news and updates related to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.