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Cryptocurrency Can be a Safe Haven Asset: S. Korean Firm



Cryptocurrency Can be a Safe Haven Asset

Founder of TrustVerse a wealth management firm based in South Korea, and former executive of Cisco Jeong Ki-Wook said in long run cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin will be safe haven assets.

In an interview, he said present market of cryptocurrencies is volatile and still it cant be used as a proper and trusted source of payment but if innovative technologies and safe mechanism can be established to minimize the risk in investment cryptocurrencies have the potential to become safe haven assets.

The market of cryptocurrencies can be stable if there is an increment in merchants and users to use this as a mode of payment legitimately and if this happens then this stability show the way for further adoption.

Primary  concern over the stability of cryptocurrencies is its volatility as we know a trader can gain even up to 100 percent in 24 hours and vice versa so it is a high risk and high return asset this level of volatility can be only managed by full-time trader and investor who deeply understand the market but for casual traders and institutional investors, it is difficult dealing with highly volatile assets.

Jeong focused on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and said AI is important to create a balanced portfolio of tokens and called it a key for investors to detect risk automatically based on the market fluctuation and make a system for this so that investors alter his portfolio accordingly.

Many organizations tried to utilize AI in cryptocurrencies and also decentralized governance to minimize the risk.

DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization), the first ICO on the Ethereum platform, was the first project that attempted to commercialize the idea, but ultimately failed.

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