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Cryptoexchange Coinbase open sources its security scanner tool Salus



Cryptoexchange Coinbase open sources its security scanner tool Salus

The renowned United States-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase always focuses on the security of its platform. Moreover, it has developed novel solutions to implementing security protocols to further strengthen their security. Furthermore, just recently, they announced that they are listing their security scanner execution tool, Salus as open source.

The cryptocurrency exchange platform made the announcement via their Twitter handle. “Today we’re open sourcing Salus, a tool we use at Coinbase to coordinate security scanning across our services. If you run a CI/CD pipeline for fast-moving development, you may want to check it out.

More about the security tool, Salus

Coinbase recognizes the importance of security on their trading platform. Furthermore, the company also knows that some of the bugs and errors in the system are easily squashable by recognizing patterns. It found out that the errors were mainly due to outdated dependencies or a code-review error that went unnoticed by testers.

Salus, their state-of-the-art industry-grade security tool manages to make automated and human-driven code reviews more robust. It aims to make the production environment platform free of these errors and remains secure to its core.

Salus is a system container based on Docker. It automates the process of selecting the preferred security scanner that should run. Furthermore, it does the job of autoloading the configurations and manages to provide a single report.

Furthermore, the cryptoexchange has decided to open source this tool and its technology for use by any software company out there in the domain. Moreover, Coinbase accepted how much open source projects for Ruby has helped them build into what they are.

To keep in mind and express their gratitude towards the open source community, they decided to take the step. The project online on Github, available for anyone to fork. Most noteworthy, Salus is the name of the Roman Goddess of Protection.

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