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Braintrust: The Decentralized Talent Network is Now on Coinbase



Braintrust: The Decentralized Talent Network is Now on Coinbase

Braintrust, the decentralized talent network is now available on Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase has started accepting the inbound transfers of BTRST and trading will start after liquidity conditions are met.

After establishing a sufficient supply of BTRST trading will open in BTRST-USD, BTRST-USDT, BTRST-EUR, BTRST-GBP and BTRST-BTC trading pairs.

Braintrust (BTRST) is an Ethereum token that powers Braintrust, a decentralized talent network connecting freelancers with organizations. BTRST is used to govern the network and also as an incentive to refer new users.

The total supply of BTRST tokens is 250 million as per the official whitepaper. Today Braintrust also started a 20k BTRST token launch celebration contest.

Braintrust tweets “We’re so excited that BTRST launched on mainnet, we’re running a Launch Celebration Contest to give away 20,000 BTRST tokens! Earn a share by helping us spread the word about BTRST.”

The prizes for the winners are as follows:-

  • ONE (1) Winner of 1,000 BTRST
  • FIVE (6) Winners of 500 BTRST
  • THIRTY (30) Winners of 200  BTRST
  • FIVE HUNDRED (500) Winners of 20 BTRST

Just simply complete few tasks and be a part of the contest. Click here if you wish to participate in the contest and win a share of 20k BTRST tokens.

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