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NEM foundation signs blockchain partnership with AMBER Lab



NEM foundation signs blockchain partnership with AMBER Lab
Source: Unsplash

The NEM foundation has successfully signed a partnership with AMBER Lab of Ateneo de Malina Varsity with the intention to aware the community with blockchain world.

Both the platforms have made strategies to organize several courses and seminars related to blockchain technologies and software on the NEM platform. This partnership will help AMBER Lab to be a renowned platform in the Philippines. This will also lead the country to make the natives aware regarding the applications based on blockchain and the working of the same.

The full form of AMBER Lab read as Ateneo MediXserve Blockchain Education and Research Laboratory. Let me tell you that the MediXserve is a platform based on blockchain powered health facility for the developing nation.

AMBER lab is all set to launch its courses and research work based on blockchain with the aim to assist the Philippines regarding the working of its application. This will most probably help the natives to spread knowledge and work with more dedication and motivation.

The head of the AMBER lab, Dr. Regina Estuar stated that the lab is all aiming to achieve the target of the Ateneo’s mission that is to do more for the country’s welfare.

The president of Loyola School, Dr. Maria Luz Vilches also stated that the collaboration between these two platforms will help to gain the combat property of the varsity. He further added that this partnership is a bit heart touching as the intention is not just to earn profit but also to defeat the property.

The report also claimed that the NEM foundation has blind faith in the blockchain platform that it has the capacity to rule the technological and scientific management of the Philippines. As blockchain is all developed to facilitate several sectors including the education it will probably help in spreading knowledge on the grass root level of academic.

This in return will help the individual to grasp all the required knowledge of the blockchain and will help the blockchain industry to prosper in the coming years by hiring the experts.

NEM platform is set to encourage students by spreading blockchain goodies in schools across the country. It has also aimed to deliver all the pros and cons of the blockchain so that the individual can deduct the best out of this.

Furthermore, the courses will discuss the impact of blockchain on society and encounter all the current problems.
This step taken by the country will definitely help in the overall development of the nation.

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Rupali Sinha is a journalist at Koinalert. She covers the latest news and updates related to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.